Give………………a chance of life to children suffering with HIV/AIDS.

Child Nutrition and Health Care - Bangalore

Name of the Project


Child Supplementary Nutrition and Health Care

Geographical Area


Bangalore and Neighbour Districts

Target Group


Children Living with  HIV/AIDS

Aims & Objectives


Aim of this project is to  increase the immunity levels of the children by offering supplemetary nutrition  and health care monitoring

Goal of the Project


To expand the life  expectancy of children living with HIV/AIDS

Enrolled Beneficiaries


 Around 150 children being served as on today.



Since pediatric formulations were  not available, majority of the children living with HIV/AIDS were not able to  get proper nutrition and treatment in India. Another big concern for those working in  the field of HIV/AIDS is to reach out to the large number of children who have  not been tested and who could be potential carriers of the virus. Identifying  children who are vulnerable to HIV infection and verifying their status would  therefore be a priority in this program. Currently this project is able to support up to 150 children in Bangalore.

Core activities of the project:

  • Nutritional Support
  • Diagnosis of HIV  infection in  infants and children
  • Enumeration of CD4 Cells in children found to be HIV Positive
  • ART initiation for children needed treatment
  • Diagnosis and management of Opportunistic Infections
  • Psycho-social Support
  • Travel and logistical Support

Date & Venue 


Second Saturday of every month at Ramnagara and 3rd Saturday at Mandya in Karnataka.



By offering these services will enable the stigma free environment among  the children suffering with HIV/AIDS. Therefore, this will reduce the stigma  associated with the HIV disease in our society. While treating their  opportunistic infections and offering them proper nutrition will also enable  them to attend the school regularly and psycho-support (counseling) can impact  on children to adopt good behaviour. In addition this support will strengthen  the positive thinking to lead happy life among CLHAs.