Give………………a chance of life to children suffering with HIV/AIDS.

Board Members


Name Sex Date of Birth
of Birth
Occupation Position in
the Board
Relation to
other Board
G.Ravi Babu Male 10-06-1977 India Social Entrepreneur President Un-Related M.A  
EM. Subhash Male 18-05-1974 India Working in Private Sector Vice President


Un-Related MBA  
E. Kishan Male 11-12-1977 India Working in private school General Secretary Un-Related M.Com (CA)  
K.Srinivasulu Reddy Male 13-11-1965 India Business Joint Secretary Un-Related B.E  
T.Vijaya Lakshmi Female 21-01-1949 India Social Worker Treasurer Un-Related BA  



Male 01-05-1977 India Software Engineer Executive Member Un-Related MCA  
P. Rajitha Female 06-10-1978 India Social Worker Executive Member Un-Related B Sc  



Who We Are

Profile of the Organization

DESIRE Society is a non-profit voluntary organization established in the year.



Mission & Vision

The mission of DESIRE Society is to improve the lives of people struggling


Aims & Objectives

Our Aim is to reduce the spread of HIV and meet the challenges in the field of AIDS



Board Members