Give………………a chance of life to children suffering with HIV/AIDS.

Welcome to DESIRE Society


DESIRE Society is a non-profit voluntary organization registered in year 2005 under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001 (Act no 35 or, 2001) in Hyderabad. The organization is functioning with an objective of health development and well-being of children infected and affected with HIV and AIDS in India by having presence in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurugram (Delhi NCR) and Visakhapatnam. The main focus of the organization is to provide ICH - Institutional Care Homes for the children abandoned and orphaned by HIV/AIDS.




Building a Future, Beyond HIV/AIDS with DESIRE Society


The HIV/AIDS pandemic is into its fourth decade. Over 2 million people in India are currently infected with HIV. According to Health Ministry of India nearly 70000 children living with HIV/AIDS. 70% of the children lose the parents to the disease. These children not only have to live without love and support of a parent but they have to find their own way through uncertainty. There may not be a cure for AIDS yet, but we still have the power to help rewrite the future of thousands of children in India. 


We request all our intend donors to get fruits to our children instead of bringing chocolates, biscuits, cookies or any junk food etc... We soilicit your kind cooperation.

Transforming lives of HIV/AIDS Children over a decade

Master Paul Raj, 12yrs and weight 14kgs was given admission at our Institutional Care Home (ICH) in Nov, 2012. The boy lost both the parents due to AIDS and unfortunately, he is also suffering with HIV. He was literally underweight and had opportunistic infections (OIs) because of low immunity.

Prior to DESIRE, Paulraj has never been to school and used to pick his food from streets as his uncle's family is reluctant to support this boy. At DESIRE Society he was enrolled for formal education. Our team took special care for his psychological and living needs and helped him by providing medical treatment and high nutritious diet.

Now, the boy has gained weight up to 22kgs with a stable health. He is able to attend school regularly and playing with inmates actively. We at DESIRE Society is committed to provide our best to save this boy and giving a hope of future with a quality and dignity.